January 19, 2011

Love is Louder: A Reminder About Continuing the Movement

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As I was catching up with my morning news yesterday, a news article caught my eye.  Sadly, this type of story is – still – all too common.

I’m sure most of you remember what happened last September.  After a slew of tragic suicides attributed to instances of bullying, a couple anti-bullying campaigns were born including our partner Love is Louder.  While we all came together following those saddening events last fall, there is still so much more to do.  The events that took place this past weekend are two of many that have occurred since September.

Similar to how we came together in September, as well as during last week’s depressing turn of events surrounding Representative Gifford and the other Tuscon victims, we need to continue to work as one united community when combating bullying.  If you see someone being bullied, go up to the victim and offer them a listening ear or crying shoulder.  Make sure they get the help they need, and encourage them to call 800-273-TALK if they need help.  If you are bullied, find a family member, friend, teacher, administrator, etc. to talk to.  Trust me, it can make a world of difference.

Always remember: there are people out there who care greatly about you and want you to succeed in life.  Love is Louder than bullying. Love is Louder than hatred. Love is Louder than bigotry. Love is Louder than all negativity.


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